What is cocaine?

Cocaine is an illegal drug with stimulating and anesthetic effects (it stimulates and alleviates pain). It increases the amount of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. Dopamine mainly controls movement, but also motivation and feelings of satisfaction after performed activity. Cocaine can cause you mental, but not physical, dependence.

What are the effects of heroin?

Cocaine most often causes feelings of euphoria, increased self-confidence, arousal and reluctance to eat. It also relieves pain and increases the desire for sex, therefore it is good to carry condoms with you. Common undesired side effects include increased aggression, anxiety, paranoia, moodiness, and hyperactivity. During the remission, you will experience a comedown, a state where you no longer feel the positive effects and anxiety and depression, irritability and paranoid states prevail. The contrast between the main effects and the comedown forces people to take another dose. The more cocaine you use in one night, the worse and longer the comedown will be. After taking cocaine, you may find it harder to fall asleep, and fatigue enhances these negative effects. With higher doses of cocaine used overnight, the threat of paranoia and unpleasant hallucinations increases. Never use cocaine during pregnancy. If you do not use cocaine, you will avoid all risks.

How can I use heroin as safely as possible?

Cocaine can be used by smoking, injection, sniffing or orally. The safe dose cannot be determined due to the different purity of cocaine on the market, so it is recommended to take a small dose of unknown cocaine for the first time and wait more than an hour before using it again. You will probably want to use cocaine again as soon as its effects start to wane, but each subsequent use will be less intense, leading to an urge to use cocaine again. The safest method of use is oral – compared to other methods of use, cocaine has the longest (more than 30 minutes), but the least intense effect, which occurs after about an hour. The effects of sniffing appear after 10-20 minutes and last for 15-30 minutes, while the effects of the first use may last longer. Do not sniff cocaine through banknotes or hard paper – if you injure your mucous membrane, you risk transmission of infections and hepatitis C. Use your own snuff or a clean straw, the end of which you will tan with a lighter and it will not be sharp. The effects of smoking and injection come almost immediately, they are the most intense, but they last the shortest and that is why they are the most addictive. The most dangerous way of use is continuous use for several days in a row. If you want to use cocaine, make sure you have enough sleep before and after the use. Before (ideally also during) use, eat and refill fluids all the time, ideally 0.3 liters of water per hour. Lack of sleep, food and fluids are a common cause of negative effects from paranoia to overdose. If you or someone in your family have heart problems, you are at risk of a heart attack, so you better avoid the usage of cocaine. Also avoid cocaine if you or someone in your family have a mental illness, because using cocaine can trigger, for example, temporary or permanent psychosis or schizophrenia.

What to do if someone overdoses on heroin?

When taking cocaine, it can be difficult to make sure you do not enjoy it more than you want. If you start to feel tired, uncomfortable, or experiencing unpleasant feelings, it is best stop taking it. It is good to have someone with you who is sober and can take care of you or give you support in case you start to feel bad. There is a risk of overdose most often with the injectable way of usage. The most easily recognized overdose symptoms are irregular heartbeat, difficulties with breathing, nosebleed and vomiting. In case of difficulties with breathing, consciously deepen breath (slow inhaling and exhaling). In addition to overdose, you are also at risk of heart attack, heart stroke or seizure. Drug use alone is not illegal, so don’t be afraid to call for medical help and say it is caused by cocaine use.

Combination of cocaine and other psychoactive substances – what to avoid?

It is safest not to use cocaine at all, but if you want to use it, do not combine it with any other drugs or medicines. Never combine cocaine with other stimulants (amphetamines such as Aderall and Ritalin, metaamphetamines, MDMA), as that may cause an irregular heartbeat, which can lead to death. The use of alcohol and cocaine produces in the body coca-ethylene, which increases toxicity in the heart and liver, while increasing the likelihood of sudden death by up to 25 times compared to pure cocaine. Alcohol also reduces the externally visible effects of cocaine, so you may unintentionally use much more cocaine to achieve the same effects. Taking SSRIs, SNRIs and MAOI antidepressants can cause life-threatening serotonin syndrome, and the combination with SNRIs can also cause epileptic seizures. You can recognize serotonin syndrome by changes in blood pressure and body temperature, dizziness and vomiting, rapid heartbeat, heavy sweating, chills and loss of muscle control. Serotonin syndrome may not always be life-threatening, but if you notice these symptoms: fever, seizures, irregular heartbeat and loss of consciousness, seek medical attention immediately. Simultaneous use of cocaine and sedatives, especially opiates (heroin, codeine) and benzodiazepines (Xanax, Lexaurin) is a common cause of death due to the increased toxicity of the substances used. Combination with medicines for lower blood pressure is life-threatening.



We do not support the use of any drugs. The information on the article tries to minimize the risks associated with drug use. Taking any substance can lead to serious health and other problems. With the published information, we try to minimaze the negative effects of drug use on health and life. Avoid drug use if possible. This will prevent the problem and the risk of drug addiction. Visit the help section and seek professional help.

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