The exchange of syringes and the provision of additional basic medical supplies to people who inject drugs is an important aspect in preventing the spread of blood and sexually transmitted infections, especially viral hepatitis B, C, syphilis and HIV. Civic association Odyseus has been exchanging syringes and distributing other medical supplies since 1997. There are only 3 organizations in Slovakia that provide harm reduction services, two in Bratislava (Civic association Odyseus, Civic association Prima) and Civic association Storm in Nitra, Sereď and Trnava.

Harm reduction is an approach based on reducing the risks associated with drug use and working in the street sex business. Civic association Odyseus, in addition to exchanging syringes, distributes e.g. male and female condoms, lubricating gels, plasters and bandages, injection water, alcohol tampons and dry tampons, but also info-educational materials and provides social counseling, counseling in the field of drugs and sex business, etc. Syringe exchange services are anonymous and low-threshold, in the natural environment of people from the community. In addition, Civic association Odyseus offers the opportunity to test for HIV, syphilis or HCV antibodies.

Syringe exchange program times

Civic association Odyseus

Monday and Thursday
12:30 – 15:30 – Center K2 – contact with the community (Pentagon, Stavbárska street 40, Bratislava), inner block


11:00 – 13:00 – Slovnaftská street parking lot, white Peugeot Boxer

18:45 – 19:45 – Panónska road, close to AAA auto, white Peugeot Boxer
20:15 – 21:45 – Trnavské mýto, at the market place (at the trolleybus stop), white Peugeot Boxer

20:00 – 21:30 – Trnavské mýto, at the market place (at the trolleybus stop), pedestrian service

For more information, you can contact the staff of the K2 Center – contact with the community:

telephone number.: 0948 721 025


We do not support the use of any drugs. The information on the article tries to minimize the risks associated with drug use. Taking any substance can lead to serious health and other problems. With the published information, we try to minimaze the negative effects of drug use on health and life. Avoid drug use if possible. This will prevent the problem and the risk of drug addiction. Visit the help section and seek professional help.

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