Why safer sex and not safe sex?

Why do we use the phrase safer sex and not safe sex? From the active sex life point of view, we cannot talk about 100% safe sex, because none of the protections is 100%. If we want to talk about the safest option, it would be an abstinence from any sexual activity. So, what do we mean by safer sex?

No one needs to feel pressured at the beginning of sexual activity. What is acceptable for each of us is very individual. The degree you want to go is purely up to you, you can go further only if you feel you will like it.

The decision to live intimately with a partner can be a very important step for someone, associated not only with physical but also emotional surrender.

The decision to be sexually active with another person should also be considered from the point of view of protection not only against unwanted pregnancies, but also against sexually transmitted infections. Most of the time, these diseases are asymptomatic, so it can happen that a person transmits the disease to another without knowing it. If a heterosexual couple does not plan to have a child, from the safer sex point of view, it is appropriate to think about preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

Practicing safer sex involves inextricably open communication between partners. Sex generally shows different emotions, interest or respect for oneself or one’s partner. It is a way of entertainment, but also the release of physical or mental tension. However, when we talk about practicing safer sex, in addition to the above, partners should not forget to communicate openly about what suits each partner and how far they are willing to go.

Protection and safer sex

By contraception we mean procedures that prevent unwanted pregnancies without giving up sex. Contraceptive methods include the following, each with a different degree of reliability:

natural methods such as: interruption of intercourse, method of periodic abstinence – the so-called Knaus-Ogin method, basal temperature measurement, Billings method

chemical (spermicidal) methods such as: spermicides in gels, creams or contraceptive sponges, intrauterine device, hormonal contraception

barrier contraception – male condom, female condom, HotDam drape

and prep/pre-exposure prophylaxis – drugs that prevent HIV infection during sexual intercourse, a method that can be used especially by partners who want to have sex without a condom and one of the partners lives with HIV. This form is most often used by gay couples. However, this method does not protect against other sexually transmitted and infectious diseases.

If we talk about safer sex, the only form that protects against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is barrier contraception in the form of a male or female condom.

Safer party sex

Entertainment, events, festivals, music, but also alcohol and drugs, which evoke a feeling of relaxation and courage, are an integral part of young people’s life. It is under influence of alcohol and drugs that many people may perceive situations much differently, they are more open and want to meet new people. If you’ve been to a party and met someone you’ll only know for a few hours, but you’re still close, don’t forget about protection and safety.

If you want to enjoy the party without the unnecessary inconvenience, please bear in mind the following advice:

1. Even before the event itself, it is always good to agree with someone you trust that if you stay away from each other for a long time, you will get in touch after a while. If you plan to use alcohol or other drugs, it’s a good idea to go out with someone who can help you if necessary.

2. If you go out alone, tell someone at home that you are leaving and when you will return.

3. At the party, keep an eye on your belongings, drink and in case someone wants to invite you for a drink, watch out that the drink comes to you directly from the bar. You also determine the amount of alcohol yourself; no one should force you to drink or use drugs. Therefore, know your boundary that you do not want to go beyond.

4. There is nothing wrong if you get to know someone in the evening and fancy him/her so much that you decide to have sex with him/her. In this case, use either a female or male condom. The advantage of a female condom is, for example, that a woman can have it in place a few hours before sex (but it is only for one use = 1 sexual intercourse) and it is not made of latex. Watch out for a male condom that you have had in your wallet for a long time, for example. It may be under warranty or it may have a damaged package along with a condom, which can lead to its rupture during sex. It is ideal to always take a new condom and check it well before the party – expiration date and damage to the packaging. Carrying a condom is not a shame, and in this case, safety is sexy, whether it’s guys or babies. Together, you protect yourself not only against unwanted pregnancies, but also against sexually transmitted diseases.

5. If you plan to leave the party with someone, let your friends know. Be wary of partner’s behavior and keep an eye on your personal belongings.

6. Always try to have at least some change for a taxi/public transport in case you need to get home safely from somewhere.

Drug use and sex at a party or festival

Festivals lasting several days may present additional risks compared to a night party, such as increased consumption of alcohol and other medicines (depending on dosage and frequency), little rest, inadequate eating, poor hygiene and, in some cases, unprotected sex. In addition, most festivals take place in the summer season, which also means exposure to high temperatures and the risk of overheating or sunburn, which, for example, in combination with ecstasy can be very dangerous.

Water is the main component of our body. The body loses water depending on activity levels, temperature, humidity or other factors such as consumption of alcohol or various medications. At festivals, you will usually find free access to drinking water and refreshing areas and you can use them. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, but the amount we need may depend on the person, age, lifestyle, context or environment that surrounds us. Lack of but also excess of water are harmful to our body. Alcohol consumption dehydrates our organism, so it is important to drink water in addition to alcohol. If you drink alcohol, it is recommended to alternate the consumption of alcoholic beverages with water or juices, especially if you drink distilled beverages or beverages with a high alcohol content (cocktails, spirits…).

Using different substances may cause us different changes in consciousness, depending on what we take. There are drugs, e.g. stimulants such as ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, which stimulate the desire for sex. Also, for example, after drinking alcohol we can be very open to getting to know other people, which can result in sex. Some substances can mentally support the desire for sex, but in reality, the body may not respond to the stimuli at all. For example, men may have problems with ejaculation or penis erection.

Sex while using drugs can be a completely new and interesting experience, but on the other hand, we should not forget the already mentioned tips on how to enjoy it as safely as possible.


We do not support the use of any drugs. The information on the article tries to minimize the risks associated with drug use. Taking any substance can lead to serious health and other problems. With the published information, we try to minimaze the negative effects of drug use on health and life. Avoid drug use if possible. This will prevent the problem and the risk of drug addiction. Visit the help section and seek professional help.

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